A local company with the resources of a national association

Legends Photography is a full service youth sports photography company. Based out of Orland Park, Illinois. We have been photographing youth sports and large groups since 1990. We strive to provide high value for your players and parents by offering:

We strive to provide high value for your players and parents by offering:

Premiere Products
Our products feature unique, exciting and professional graphic designs. They incorporate individualized features like player's stats, customized with your league’s logo! Check out our Products Section and see.

Excellent Photography
Complimenting our products is our consistently high quality photography. We pride ourselves on creating professional quality sports images that players and family members will be eager to show off! See our Services for more.

Tailored Programs for your Organization
Part of providing quality services is our program to tailor our products and services to your organization’s needs. Tell us what is important to you. To read more, go to our Services section.

Product Guarantee
We include a money back guarantee for all our products. Clients who are not satisfied may return products for a full refund, or if they wish, arrange to have a portrait recreated.

The National Organization

Legends Orland Park benefits from being part of Legends Sports Photography, a large, growing, nation-wide association that combines a multitude of resources and diverse talents all directed towards producing better, more innovative products and services for our customers. With all the talent and experience of Legends Orland Park backed by the resources of the national organization, we are confident that we can offer any league or organization the highest quality of products and services available.

If you are involved with sports leagues of any kind please contact us, and we will be glad to explain how Legends Orland Park can help make your sports experience more memorable!